Website Speed Test with Linux

If you own a Blog and want to check the Speed with your local Linux Computer use a commandline tool called curl.

Open a Terminal and enter:


curl -o /dev/null -s -w 'Connect: %{time_connect}\nStart Transfer: %{time_starttransfer}\nTotal: %{time_total}\n'

System Echos:
Connect: 0,084774
Start Transfer: 0,173280
Total: 0,228651


  • You will see the Website Load Time of Users at your Location (Country Area)
  • You can check “high performance Clouds” vs. “bare metal Servers” or “virtual Hosting”
  • You see that mostly expensive Hosting is wasted money cause “shared” IO V-Host is SLOWER!
  • You get the real “felt” IO for Users who are using same DSL Internet Connections
  • You can analyse and reduce CODE of your Webpage to OPTIMIZE! LESS IS MORE !!

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