Ubuntu Debian: Installer Messages during Installation Realtime Debug Installer Mode

If you boot your PC on a Setup CD into “live” mode after some time the Desktop Unity or Gnome starts. After successful testing the PC with the current Drivers and Kernel you can select “Install” by pressing the icon left on the desktop. But here the Problem appear that you dont see any informations about bugs, crashes, or other major messages during the setup. Without this you are not able to find any errors later, or you cant tell a supporter what happend!

Workaround (#comments!):

  • Always open a gnome-terminal as first step instead of pressing the installer icon!
  • move the gnome-terminal window on lower screen area to 100% width!!!
  • Enter there:

$sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog   # some Linux uses /var/log/messages!

  • Now press Installer icon! and view Log in realtime

Hope this help to fix bugs like freezes of often seen SSD Errors I/O…

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