Android Cleanup NonRoot

If you use a Android Phone you should cleanup by Reset every 6 Month:

  • Remove of Background Apps
  • Remove blown up Updates
  • Remove unused Apps
  • Disable unused Apps preinstalled
  • Raise Security
  • Raise Privacy
  • Reduce burned Bandwith from App Homecalls
  • Use Siteload to reinstall LESS Apps
  • Use Browser against Apps !
  • Reduce Backlinks of Apps to Cloud
  • Remove Google Account
  • Reset Advertisment-ID at Google Settings
  • Reset Phone Settings, often useful!
  • Disable Mobile Net+Wifi Access to unused preinstalled Apps!
  • Control Homecalls by connect to a OpenWRT Router with iftop!
  • Increase Battery runtime.
  • Remove E-Mail, Social-Media Apps against Viruses over Chat and Mails
  • Prevent Rooting if you really don’t know the OS!
  • Encrypt the Phone and Set a LONG PIN


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