Month: November 2010

Debian Squeeze: Which is current the best Debian for Laptops?

Problem: There is no difference between new and old Laptops, they always need the best Drivers on Linux to operate safe. Solution: For this you should take Sqeeze Debian Version. To get a fast Desktop on a older Laptop like a Thinkpad R50p or T30 you can use LXDE Desktop. /etc/apt/sources.list deb squeeze main […]

MySQL : Backup and Restore Database without phpmyadmin (commandline)

Problem: phpmyadmin interfaces are slow and often attacked by script kids, if you can don’t use it! Solution: To backup and restore use command line To Backup a database: $mysqldump -u root -p wordpressdb > /backups/wordpressdb-dump.sql [Enter root password] To restore: $mysql -u root -p wordpressdb < /backups/wordpressdb-dump.sql[Enter root password] Remark: this is not recogized […]

WordPress MySQL: Cleanup old revisions old posts old entrys

Problem: If you use wordpress and edit often your posts a high count of old revisions are backuped inside the mysql database: Solution: Login mysql $mysql -u root -p [Enter root password] at mysql command line select wordpress your database mysql>use wordpressdb; [Enter] System echo=Database changed.. delete old backups of posts mysql>DELETE FROM wp_posts WHERE […]

Ubuntu Debian: Replace Oracle OpenOffice with Free LibreOffice

Problem: Last weeks most of the free OpenOffice (Oracle owned) workers moves to the new free version LibreOffice Solution: To use free Software do: on 32bit: download files.. cd /tmp wget wget unpack.. tar -xzvf LibO_3.3.0_beta2_Linux_x86_install-deb_en-US.tar.gz tar -xzvf LibO_3.3.0_beta2_Linux_x86_langpack-deb_de.tar.gz go into file to install.. cd DEBS sudo dpkg -i *.deb sudo dpkg […]

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